Compare data displaying small numbers in scientific notation

I have “display large numbers in scientific notation” unchecked, but compare data in 12.9 is displaying small numbers in scientific notation, such as 109 is displayed as 1.1E2 (see attached).
toad_compare_data_12.9.docx (38.6 KB)

Thanks, I see that. It’s too late for 12.9, but I’ll have it fixed for when we get into betas again.

Thanks, John. BTW, how do I embed a screenshot directly into a post? Probably been told before, but drawing a complete blank on that now.

The only way I’ve ever been able to get it to work is to save the screenshot to a file and then use the “Insert/Edit Media” button.

I always do this from the ToadWorld website, so not sure if what I just said applies to posting to the forums directly from Toad or not.