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Display large numbers in Scientific Notation in datagrids stays ON

I have the option unchecked, but my grids at the bottom of the editor are still converting my large numbers to scientific notation?

Is there another option somewhere I need to also uncheck?

In older versions I did not have this difficulty.


Brad Clark

I suspect you are running your SQL as a script. In that mode, we try to make output look exactly like SQL*Plus, so the (non) scientific notation option doesn't apply there.

When running scripts, you can do something similar by adding this at the top of your script:

set numformat 999999999999999999

(add more digits if your numbers are longer than that, otherwise you'll get ####### instead).

If you are just running a single select statement, it's really better to run it with F9 (as a statement) instead of F5 (as a script). It's faster and uses less memory.

I have to run almost everything I do as a statement. I rareley query anything that can be processed via script without hanging toad up for a long long time or having it crash when it runs out of memory.

as for making it run like sqlplus that makes me cringe. SQLCheesy is the defacto tool over every geek that started over what, 38 years ago. commandline nonsense is annoying. I'll play around and see what I find, I just didn't have this problem in 11.0, and I need to see these numbers. Did you see that recently oracle sqldeveloper added the option to switch and use the OCI.ddl to connect to the db rather than sqlplus? All I said was what took so long.

Hi Brad,

OK, so are you running not-as-script (with F9) and something is still showing up with scientific notation? If so, can you provide an example and maybe a screen shot? I wasn't able to reproduce that.


I must have ran it as a script. Querying it and looking the data grid it displays as desired, in both 15 and in 11.0

My apologies... you can close, or remove this thread.... please.

It's fine, you have nothing to apologize for. We rarely delete threads. Someone seeing scientific notation in their script output may find this info helpful at some point in the future.