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Displaying small numbers in sci notation



In .45, I have the “Display large numbers in Scientific Notation” unchecked in Prefs->Data Grids->Data. Could this also apply to small numbers? The magic number for the cutoff on the right of the decimal seems to be 1E-5.




Hm, well, it’s supposed to…and for me it does…


It’s early - is there still too much blood in your caffeine stream? :slight_smile:


Oooooh, the caffeine’s kicking in now! Turns out I just needed to close/reopen Mr. Editor after changing the option and all’s well.

Thanks, John!




I’ve some problem what Rich has mentioned.
If I execute a simple SELECT FROM dual the result seems ok. But Select from a table displays the result from scientific format. Please see the attached screenshot.

The scientific display option is off for me.


I don’t know why it’s not working for you, it works for me. My table has just a plan NUMBER datatype for this column. Is yours the same?


I have a NUMBER(13,10) datatype. I send you some sample data offline.


I can reproduce that. It works fine with NUMBER, but not NUMBER(13,10). I didn’t try anything else yet. I’ll look at this more tomorrow.