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Compare Execution Plan


Hi Folks … I am trying to compare two explain plans .

Some times of same query but run in different environment .

And somtimes of two similar queries in same environment.

Currently i am genrating the plans and comparing them manually.

Is there an option to compare two explain plans in toad (Ver#


Shivanand Bharti

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When TOAD starts up it doesn’t remember the location on the screen
where it used to be. It just brings itself up in the middle. Older versions were
always good at coming up in the same location it was in. We all have 2 or 3
monitors if it matters.

Is there an option that got lost during upgrade?


You can right-mouse-click on the plan and do a compare from there. You may have
to save the other one first.


I borrowed this out of my whitepaper, but I think I wrote it for 9.7, so
hopefully it’s going to work for you now.

Again, mouse-right-click in the plan and choose ‘Compare to another

Save and compare plans. If you are tuning a query, it might be very hard to
discern changes between one plan and the next. If you do not have the Xpert
edition of Toad (which automatically compares all plans available for a query),
you can still use Toad to manually compare 2 plans.

If you have the Expert Edition of Toad, comparing plans in the Quest SQL
Optimizer is much easier…



Thanks Jeff.

This is good stuff.