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Comportamiento exraño editor

Buenas tardes,

Desde la ultima actualización están sucediendo cosas extrañas de forma aleatoria.
No he podido hacer el paso a paso de cada problema porque es aleatorio y aun no dispongo de tiempo para realizar el seguimiento.
Pero estos problemas me suceden TODOS los días !!

La lista de ello es:

Caso 1.- Al darle click en el botón grabar del sql en lugar de grabar sale la opción de "Export Dataset" (ver imagen)

Caso 2.- En la ventana de "Editor", cuando le doy "F9" para compilar ...a veces no funciona y en lugar de compilar realiza la acción "UNDO"

Caso 3.- En la ventana de "Editor", cuando le doy "shift-F2" ...a veces no funciona

Win10 64b

To expedite the understanding for other readers and our Dev team, I'm doing a quick translation.

Before that, couple of questions for you:
it would be useful to know what version of Toad you updated from (e.g. previous version was 14.1, or 13.x, or??) It may be the case that toolbar definitions may behave funny if you upgrade from a very old version of Toad.
Did you change any of the shortcut definitions in Toad's Option Base?

Also, you may want to try resetting your toolbars to their default behavior, if you haven't customized your toolbars and shortcut keys too much (since resetting will cause your customizations to be lost.) See snap below.


Otherwise, here's a rough translation of ccevallos' post:

Strange things are happening randomly since the last update.
I'm not able to do a step by step for each problem because it is random and I don't have the time to follow up. But these problems happen to me EVERY day!

Case 1-- When you click on the Save button in sql (Editor) the option of "Export Dataset" appears instead of saving (see image) .

Case 2-- In the Editor window, when I press "F9" to compile ... sometimes it doesn't work and instead of compiling it performs the "UNDO" action.

Case 3.- Sometimes In the Editor window, the "shift-F2" control doesn't work.

  1. When clicking SAVE to save SQL - Export Dataset dialog pops up instead. Arreglado en version 15.0, que estara disponibe el 18 de Octubre

  2. Tembien arreglado en version 15.0.

  3. Creo que esto tambein va a ser arreglado in 15.0

Puedes instalar el Beta tambien y usar eso en lugar de 14.2.
Toad for Oracle 15.0 Beta

Okay, Thanks.
I'll wait for October 18th.

Thank You Very Much ! Gary