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Connecting an output column of a query directly to an edit window?


I’m working on a project with lots of code that follows more or less fixed patterns. I have created a SQL statement that generates all these repetitive sections of code, which is ca. 85% of the entire code base.

When the query has run, I need to copy the column with generated code to an edit window to continue. Like this:

Click result column, Ctrl-Home, Shift-Ctrl_end, Ctrl-C - wait for copy to complete - click to create new edit window, Ctrl-V

It’s not a very big deal, and I guess code generation is too rare to be worth a lot of effort, but would it be feasible to connect the output column directly to an edit window?
Or to have an option when right-clicking the column label to “Copy to editor”.

The other issue is, when copying data from the result grid, it seems Toad is retrieving the results in a row-by-row fashion.
It runs on my laptop at a speed of 100 rows per second. Fast enough for small sets, but slow when you need to copy 10K lines.
(same applies to exporting to excel files, btw)

If it is possible to speed the process up, that would be nnice.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

I mean, when copying from the data grid using Ctrl-C, the data is already there. Also, the initial load of the grid (not just the first 500 rows, but the whole lot) is a lot faster. This seems strange to me. Ctrl-C (or an export for that matter) should be able to retrieve the data with the same speed - or it might retrieve the data from storage, since the grid is already loaded.

Just a thought,

Try the new single column export. It might be faster. It had a couple bugs in the last beta so wait for the next one.

Sounds good. How do I access this single-column export function?


In the grid, click on the column that you want to export. You don’t have to select anything, just give it focus. Then right-click and choose “Single Column Export”. It’s about 1/3 of the way down in the popup menu.


thanks for the suggestion. It’s a lot faster!