Connections.xml where does TOAD get the default values from (like <color>16777125</color>

Hi there I know that there is a connections.xml file when I start a toad session, it looks something like this

			<Connection type="Oracle">

etc etc

does anyone know what these parameters are for and what can I do with it. I want for my customer a color set (red = 255) but every new connection defaults to 16777215, this can be reset using the GUI but that is user interactive, my customer has to do something and THAT is something I do not want. How can I set this value so not 16777215 but 255 must be set for every new connection?

Someone some nice document in which lots more over this connections.xml is explained

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There is no setting anywhere in Toad or in our ini/xml files for "Default connection color". The closest thing is "last used". Here's how that works:

When a row is selected in the login window, that color for that entry (along with other settings - user, password, database) are shown on the right.

Whichever connection is last selected when the login window closes will be selected again when it opens. So, whatever color that connection had will be displayed on the right, and that is closest thing we have to a "default" color. By that I mean, if at this point, if the user enters a different username/password/database on the right - the color box will stay on whatever color it was already on (from the last selection in the grid). If this grid is empty, then the color box will show "no color" as the default. There is no ini entry that controls this.

Hi , the reason for my question : in our company we are working with the product PAM from CyberArk. Our customers start CyberArk and in that tool the push the button Connect to start TOAD, the login screen is not avaiable, the tool (PAM) takes care of the complete login in TOAD, so a username /password etc etc is done by this tool. So the user cannot change the color it self because the connection box is not displayed at all. So the color cannot be changed, there I would like to change it in de connections.xml (16777215 --> 255)

Connections.xml will only allow you to change the color for existing connections, not connections that you haven't made yet.

Even after the connection is made, you can go to the login window and Toad, select your connection in the login window, then change the color. See below. I change it from red to blue.


See below for how to change all colors at once:


Once you do this, the next time you make the connection from CyberArk, it should be red in Toad.

There just isn't a way to select a default color (besides how I explained it) as of now.

I have used the connection color-coding feature since it was first released, and I like it very much. At first, it did not "remember" the last used color so that the color had to be set manually for each new connection that was created. At least it would stick for all future sessions of that connection. I was very glad when it started "remembering" so that the manual thing did not have to be done.

I think a default color setting would be useful.


Since PAM is automating the entire login process can you configure it to automate the assignment of the color when it makes the connection? This seems like a solution required for your automation.

How do you see that working?

I often:

  1. Select a row in the grid that has the same DB as where I want to connect
  2. Type in a new user/pass on the right
  3. click OK and am connected with whatever color that the row that I clicked in step 1 had.

Do you see a default color as overriding this behavior?

When creating a new connection, I do not choose a 'based-on' row of the database I want to connect to but rather of the userid and password I need to use which has the effect of saving the most typing (when password saving is enabled).

  1. Select a row in the grid that has the userid/password and 'Connect as:' I want to use.
  2. Change the database to the one I want to connect to.
  3. If 1 and 2 above together match one of the entries in the grid, then it should pull the color for that entry. If they do not pull a match, a default color other than that of the selected row should be set.

So, why?

In my current enclave, I have 156 different connections in the grid just now and add more rather frequently as we create databases, PDBs, and users. These are color-coded based on their purpose with about 70% being a particular purpose that I have coded with green, roughly 22% that I have coded yellow, and 8% that are red. The color 'red' tells me to exercise the highest level of caution because of the type of use of that database or of the data it contains. So, I would like the default color to be red--the highest caution level--when I create a new connection in the enclave so that I must deliberately lower the caution level if it is not a 'red'.

In another enclave that is 'air-gapped' with a different set of workstations and virtual desktops, I have a different set of priorities based on the classification level of the data again using red/yellow/green color scheme to denote the level of classification and, hence, the strictness of the handling rules. There, 'red' mean strictest rules, and this would be the default so that I would have to make the conscious decision to 'reduce' to yellow or green for the less strict rules for what I am allowed to do.

This is probably an edge case, however, that would not necessarily warrant any change to the software.


Hi Russ,

Thanks for the details. Your red/yellow/green usage makes sense, and I don't think it's too edge-casey. I didn't say it, but I sometimes select a row based on user/pass instead of DB.

So, let's suppose you're doing as you stated above.

You select a row in the grid and change it so it's a non-match. If the color dropdown is set to, say green, based on prior grid selection, and you actually want it to be green. But if you've set your default to be red, how could you let Toad know "I actually want green"?

I think this is a tricky thing to default because usually a default is just "what something is set to when the form opens", then you can change it if you want. But I think this is more complicated because the color dropdown updates itself every time you select a row in the grid.

Maybe the default should only kick in when the color is set to "None", or "Default". Dunno.

Yeah. Sounds dicey to me. I have an idea of how it might work, but I don't think it would be practical.

It goes red based on a default, maybe, so I would just change it back. It sticks from that point on in that dialog session. I usually check/set the color last anyway.


It feels like we're trying to force the issue. It's so easy to change the color, even after you've made a connection. I suppose I could make even easier (rt-click popup menu item on connection bar button) but it doesn't feel like there is that much of a problem to solve here.

Back to the original issue (it feels like we've gotten side tracked a little) I'd be interested to know if @p.boven can tell us how PAM makes the connection. Is it command line, or is PAM kind of "driving the mouse" to fill in fields in the login window, and if so, can't it just select Red or whatever color you're after?