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TDP 5.1 - Formatting the tabs

Is there a way to change the formatting of the tabs to make it easier to understand which tab/window is selected? I find the current format difficult. Here is an example of three query editor tabs...difficult to tell which one is selected.

Well, try experimenting with more templates:

Tried that...still find it difficult to tell which tab is selected when all of the tabs are the same color and all of the text labels are the same color (doesn't matter which color). It seemed to be a little better in 5.0. Please add this to the Idea Pond...a difference in size or color for the selected tab would be helpful.

Actually this is not because of your skin setting but because you are using connection from category. If you put connection to category with specific color then we colored all related tabs. It should be little bit confusing but when you are working with more connections from different category it should be helpful.

If you mean this setting, I already have that turned off.


For now I have removed categories from my connections. Thanks!