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Connection Error: Toad 5.0 can't find ACEODBC.dll

I have a new Installation of Office 365. When Toad 5.0 tries to connect to a text file or Excel or MS Access I get error that Toad can't find ACEODBC.dll.

On the Web: Microsoft says:
This file is part of 2007 Microsoft Office system. ACEODBC.DLL is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It’s a system and hidden file. ACEODBC.DLL is usually located in the %PROGRAM_FILES% sub-folder and its usual size is 279,352 bytes.

I am now on Office 365 2016.

My Questions are:

  1. What is the correct ODBC.dll for Toad 5.0 and
  2. Will if conflict with whatever 365 installed for drivers and
  3. How do I get this working (install the drivers)?

Thank you in advance


I found the answer to my own problem and hopefully, this may help others.

I now have the full story. It is not a Toad Problem but a 64 bit ODBC problem.

I am 90% sure this solution will work.

Here is a video to show how the ODBC manager works to bring in the 64 bit drivers (6 Min):


The problem is, that my 64 bit administrator program is pointing to 32 bit drivers.

The fix, is to change the 64 bit odbc administrator program startup and target paths, to the 64 bit drivers directory: (Change from System32 to SysWOW64)

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Thanks Ross! I'll try to get the info to our support knowledge base.