Contrast highlights with dark scheme in Trace File Browser


Subject about says it all. I'm using the excellent Cobalt color scheme, which works very well in most places. However, today I had an occasion to use the Trace File Browser, and while the text contrasts with the dark background, highlighted lines do not, making them difficult for my old man four-eyes to see.

Easy workaround is to temporarily switch to a light color scheme, but I :black_heart: Cobalt.


p.s. Patiently waiting for the Quest/Blizzard collaboration for a Diablo IV full theme in Toad... :smiley:

Hi Rich.

I see what you mean. I'll fix. Diablo IV? I'll get right on that. :sweat_smile:


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Hmmm...Ruby Graphite is pretty close to a "Diablo" look... :japanese_ogre:

Thanks John!

Ruby Graphite hurts my eyes.

Ooh, D4 theme: yes, yes! I happen to use Dark/*Jet, and with the Database Login color customized to Green, I swear it looks like I'm working in a large WinAMP. (uh, "it really whips the toadies ass?") Anyway, the only thing that bothers me in this *Jet theme is that strings are in red, which is really bad contrast with the dark background. I wish they were more pinkish/contrasty. Is there a way to change that, and/or enable preview of what SQL text would look like in the Color Schemes browser?

You can change the string color here:

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Oh yeah, the highlight contrast with the Cobalt scheme in the Trace File Browser works great now.

Thanks, John!

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