Converting Automation Script from 3.2 to 3.3 causes fatal error

I have an Automation script that ran perfectly in TDP 3.2. When I moved to 3.3 and opened the script, I got the usual warning about saving under the new version. Accepting that, I ran the script and it performed normally. I exited from the script.

However, when I attempted to open the script a second time, I received a fatal error message.

I have experienced this with some, though not all, of the Automation scripts created (or updated) in version 3.2.

I would rather not be forced to recreate the scripts by hand.

I have attached the support log generated by this error.


Comments, please?

I thought I answered this post when it first was posted but I must have not pushed the reply button. I need your automation script before and after the conversion. Can you go to your about box and go to the Automation \Bak directory and get a copy of the original script? This is equivalent to the path below. Then send me also the converted script.

C:\Users\dpeabody\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 3.3\Automation\bak

You can attach by using the “Use rich formatting” tool button option or send to my email.

Thanks for the scripts. We see what occurred and are working on a fix. I entered CR110486 for this issue. We will have this fixed for the first Beta.


In the end, it was much easier to rewrite the offending scripts from within TDP 3.3. Thanks to Debbie and the Toad group for their helpful suggestions and ideas. If this problem really causes a lot of pain, there is a solution that Debbie has that she can share privately.