Migrating Items from 3.0

How do I migrate automated task from 3.0 to Data Point 3.2? Can this be done?

First, you should update the script. It should be done automatically when you open your 3.0 script in 3.2 for the first time. Be aware though that in this case script will be changed and it won’t be able to run in 3.0 again. The unchanged backup copy of the script is saved in TDP application data directory, Automation\bak folder.

After this just reschedule you task with updated script - that should be it.


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Have you considered building a small script utility that can go through a list of scripts in a directory and update them all?

I’ve got approximately 90 3.0 automation files that will need to be updated once 3.3 releases, and I don’t know why, but opening any script file on my PC can take an unreasonable amount of time - even if the script is on the local HDD.

Multiply that by the number of scripts I’d have to update, and I’m looking at a day or more of work just to update the XML, so a utility would be nice.

I think I am correct in this statement, Igor correct me if I am wrong. If you use an older script but schedule it with a newer version it will not need to update the script. The only time you need to update the script is when you need to use in the designer. If this is true you only need to upgrade script when you need to edit a script.


P.S. We have made many changes to variables in our TDP 3.3 version. We are looking for users to see how their older scripts work with these newer features. If you have some time can you download our Beta and run some of your scripts and see how that goes? This would be very helpful to us.


Make sure and keep copies of your scripts.

Yes, old scripts should run correctly in new version of TDP. Migration (updating to a new version) is being done when you open old script in the designer. The only problem here, as Debbie said, is that we introduced many changes to variables and we might not catch all backward compatibility problems so far.

But again, normally scheduled old 3.0 scripts should run correctly in 3.3.