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Copy a diagram to a subdiagram

How can I copy a diagram to a subdiagram without creating copies of the entities and relationships?

I tried highlighting all entities in left pane then copy and paste and they come out in a big glob all bunched together with no relationships.

I also tried copying the digram itself from application viewer and it made all new entities that were copies of the original.

I just want a copy of entities and relationships from an “all items” diagram with 2000 entities, to a subdiagram with 20 entities for easier viewing, without having to lay the whole thing out again.


Create a new Workspace (WS) and add shortcuts of the objects there.
TDM allows you to create as many Workspaces as you need and also as many shortcuts of objects on the WS as you need.
Please see the different Workspaces in the sample Videorental model.
The model is stored at:
C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler 3\Samples

To create a new WS - Right-click the Workspaces item in Model Explorer and select add Workspace (also CTRL+W). Define name of the new WS.

To add shortcuts to the WS, you can select from several ways. E.g. Right-click the new WS and select Add Selected Objects to Workspace. Enable the Shapes and Links buttons in the dialog and select what entities, views, relationships you want to add to the WS.
As I wrote, there are many ways how to do it. I do recommend to watch the following movie that shows it in detail:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



Using the method you describes everything lands on my new workspace in a pile. No layout is preserved. It would take me a full day to layout all the entities and relationship lines again so that it could present something understandable.

Watching the flash tutorial I tried:

I hit ctrl-a in my “all items” model
I held down ctrl and right clicked->add into workspace. Then chose my second workspace.

It copied all the entities and relationships, which was my desire.

My problem is the all the relationships have become straight lines instead of the original carefully laid out right angle relationships. Moving those lines around took hours in an attempt to make everything easily viewable and understandable.

The size of entity boxes in the workspace have also shrank back to their defaults. However, the entity boxes poisition is laid out the same which is a step foward.

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Just few notes.

Copy is another object in your model, while shortcut is a graphical representative of the same object. If you’re sure you want to make copies, it’s ok.

Yes, as you write. Unfortunately, when you add the shortcuts on the WS, the layout is not preserved. Anyway, we will try to preserve the layout via the right-click option Add into New Workspace. CR # 70 826.



Vladka + TDM Team

Has preserving the layout across Workspaces been implemented

Hello Doron,

Could you please specify what kind of layout you want to keep across Workspaces? Do you mean something like this:

Let’s say you have the default All Items Workspace active and there are many objects. Then you create a new Workspace and check several objects to be present there AND you want them to be located on the same exact spot as on the All Items Workspace?

Or is you situation different? It would be great if you could further describe your case.