Copy data from data grid


sometimes copy data from data grid neglect last record right corner columns.


I can't reproduce this. Can you provide any more info?

I updated to the latest beta and now not coming, if it happens I will try to get the scenario.


i just found the dats as in image

but what the copy get just below

نقل ملكية أرض من سجل عقاري مبدئي الى السجل العقاري Real Estate Plot Interim Ownership Confirmation
نقل سجل الوحدات الأولي إلى السجل العقاري Transfer Registered Lands &

I see the last part of the 2nd column...the stuff after the & is not pasted. I'm not able to reproduce that either. :frowning: I'm not sure what the problem is here. I even tried it with your data. Does it happen every time you have an '&' character?

it is weird, I think it is related to existence of Arabic characters.


بنك الامارات التجاري بنك الامارات التجاري 0
بنك الاتحادي التجاري بنك الاتحادي التجاري

I thought that might be it too, so I used the text from your first post. I'll try again with the 2nd.

I see problems when I paste into MS Teams or Word (in this case, it pastes with a HTML format).

It pastes ok into notepad. As a workaround, you can paste it into notepad, then copy/paste out of notepad.

I'll log it. Thanks.

Addressed and will be included with next Beta.