Copy headers in data grid results

When I select all of the results and paste into excel it doesn’t include the column headings. How do I include them? Thanks

Do a CTRL+Shift+C instead of CTRL+C. This will open the Export Dataset dialog, pre-set to copy to clipboard, selected rows only, including column headers. You can change other settings or just OK. Then paste into Excel.

You can also right click and export the results directly to Excel .

Hi - I'm trying to do the opposite thing noted in this post. I want to copy a data row(s) without the column headers. I've tried CTRL+Shift+C and changing the Include column heads checkbox value, but to no avail.

Note: copying column headers when I don't want to only became an issue for me at 16.2.

Hi Glenn,

We made a change in 16.2 so that data can be pasted nicely into Teams, and accidentally broke this. It is fixed in the current beta, which you can get here.

There is a workaround, but it may be less convenient than just removing the column header after pasting. The workaround is:

  • Do CTRL+Shift+C instead of CTRL+C.
  • The "Export Dataset" dialog appears, preconfigured for copy to clipboard and delimited text.
  • Uncheck "Include column headers", right-click in the "columns to exclude" box and click "Include only selected columns". Then click OK.
  • Paste

Edit: Hm... Oh, you said you tried the workaround to no avail. I'll double-check that.

It seems to be working for me. See below. Let me know if you are doing something different.


Hi John – is my best bet just to wait until the next release hits the streets (I’m not wanting to mess with the beta version)?

Thanks. Glenn

Hi Glenn

Version 16.3 isn't due out until March, so you'll be waiting a while.

It's up to your of course, but in my opinion, the beta is pretty solid, and has a lot of bugs fixed that are present in 16.2. I don't think you're at much risk by using it. We have a lot of automated tests that happen before a beta is released.

Also, the beta does not replace or override your 16.2 version. You'd have both 162 and 16.3 beta installed, each using their own settings so they won't step on each other.

Re: the workaround video that I showed above using 16.2 - are you doing something different?


John – I ended up not watching the video. I did follow the steps noted on the workaround post, but it didn’t work.

For now, I’m all set. You can go ahead and close this ticket.

Thanks. Glenn

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