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Copy selected columns to clipboard


i am using new version 12.11.

The issue is:

When selected columns clicking the button for “Copy selected columns to clipboard” in Schema Browser or Describe Window, nothing is copied to the clipboard. This worked in version 12.10.

Only when clicking on the arrow beside the button and choose one of the options, the columns are copied into the clipboard as expected.

Is it possible to make the behaviour same as in before version?

BR Frank

It’s fixed for next beta. Sorry, there is nothing you can do to change the behaviour in 12.11, except in a describe dialog.

In the describe dialog, you can right-click on the toolbar above the grid, choose “Customize”, and find “copy Column names” in the customize dialog (it’s about 2/3 of the way down), then drag that to the describe dialog’s main toolbar. Then you can click that instead.

Thanks for your hint, works fine for me as a workaround.