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Drag selected columns from Describe Objects to Editor broken



In previous versions, if you describe a table and select multiple columns from the Describe Objects dialog, you could drag them to the Editor. This would create a comma list of the column names. This has always been a HUGELY useful aspect of TOAD when query writing. Now TOAD only adds one of the multiple selected columns, crippling a very useful tool.


I just tried this and it’s working OK for me.


You still have the last toolbar item (copy column names) on the describe window as a workaround, until we figure this out.


Try Shift+Select to get the columns you want…then leave shift down and start your drag…does that work?


Ah! (Michael figured this out.) Rt-click in the grid. Turn on Row Select. Then it will work like before. I’ll
see if it’s possible to get non-row-select to behave. Sorry for all the replies.