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Copying Oracle Saved Sessions from one Client to other

Hi All,

I am being asked to configure all Oracle Databases (almost 60) to a new Node.

My Question is whether i can copy saved Oracle Sessions from one client to other one so that if i have to configure these databases later in another node, i can just copy some files or etc. to other node and all Oracle Saved Sessions work perfectly ok from new client.

This is something like Copying a TNSNAMES.ora file from one node to other thus we don’t have to add seperately all databases to other Oracle Client.


Not exactly sure what you mean by “copy saved sessions”. Are you talking about
your saved toad connections, usernames and passwords?

If you install Toad on another machine you can copy your CONNECTIONS.INI file
which is located in your C:\Documents and Settings[USER]\Application Data\Quest
Software\Toad for Oracle[10.0]\User Files If you are on an older version I
think pre 9.6 or 9.7 then the “user files” folder is under the “program
files\quest” directory.

There is also a CONNECTIONPWDS.INI file but that is tied I think to your
windows login ID or windows username. I think older versions it was tied to your
machine. So moving that file to other machine and having someone else use it is
not going to happen. At least you will have your connections though.



Thanks Eklinger,

Thats the same i am looking for.

I am using 9.7 but i found “user files” under C:\Documents and Settings[USER]\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle[9.7].

and i found 2 files there, 1 is CONNECTIONS.INI and other is CONNECTIONPWDS.INI and i found many folders there named each for every database i configured with TOAD.

but as per your advice, now i am going to configure all databases manually.

Thanks again.

Have a look here, this is an online toad password file decrypter.

Also works for Toad export files (from version 11.0 you can export connections)