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Copy workspace from one model to another?


I use TDM mainly as a reverse engineering tool. One of the most useful features for me are the workspaces. I tend to create a lot of workspaces that concentrate on different parts of the whole schema.

Now, due to some bugs in TDM (Beta) reverese engineering features I’m forced to create a new model of the same database every now and then because updating the already reverse engineered model fails. This would not be a big problem, but I lose the workspaces and all the formatting I have done to them in the original model.

So, is there a way to copy workspaces from one TDM model to another?
Would it be possible to copy the workspaces from one model to another by editing the txp xml file in an xml editor?

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you can use Sync & Convert Wizard, do Model Merge and just merge the Workspace objects (that means graphics, positions of objects, colors etc.).