Referred table in another workspace


i am finding below problem in the toad modeler table reference

About my project : i have 3 WS in the model, originally created for MySQl 5.2 and did a conversion to oracle 10.2

Problem : i have master tables designed in my 1 st WS and add to other WS using ‘Add in to Workspace’ option in the modeler, after completing the model i have converted the model to 10.2 and assigned the table respective users. the issue is that while creating the script, its creating the table 2 times in both the users. ideally script should not generated from the 2 nd WS since i have used the table only for referring the relashipship and building constraints.

i am not sure whether this is an issue with which currently i am using


Hello there,

Some objects (such as entities) can have shortcuts. A shortcut is a graphical representation of the object. One object can have multiple shortcuts, but they all represent one object. For example, entity with two shortcuts on two Workspaces will look like this in Object Explorer:


When you use “Add into Workspace” option, you are actually creating a new object shortcut on the selected Workspace. When you make any changes in object shortcut, the object itself is changed as well as all other shortcuts of the one object.

I’m explaining this because you might have somehow accidentally created two separate entities, one on each Workspace. Try looking into Object Explorer, each of your entities on WS 1 should have 2 shortcuts - one should be on WS 1 and the other on WS 2.

If there are two shortcuts and the entities are still generated two times, please describe what did you exactly do when you created the MySQL 5.2 model and then converted it to Oracle 10.2. Step-by-step description would be the best.