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Cross Connection "Level" error with Data Point 3.2 standard

I have been trying to build a cross connection using an excel 2010 file format and 97-2003 format. When I execute the cross join, I get an Microsoft [Excel ODBC Driver] The level clause includes

a reserve word or argument that is misspelled or missing, or the punctuation is incorrect. Does 3.2 support excel 2010? Can the drivers be updated? How? Help…

Can I create a connection to a txt file?

Data point 3.2 Standard edition

Microsoft Office- Excel 2010 version


You are using the TDP Base version. In that version the cross-connection execution is done through the Access database. We do not support any issues with the use of that Microsoft tool. We also have stopped including it in the product and now have our own cross-connection engine.

You could try posting your query. Maybe there is an obvious column name that is causing the issue.