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Crossing Domains with Toad Automation



My organization has merged and I know have two logins with database access with under both accounts. To switch to my secondary database I select “Run a different user” when I open Toad Data Point, which works fine for ad-hoc querying. I would like to automate reports from my secondary database.

I can schedule my automation to run if I use my primary account on the windows scheduler but Toad can’t find the database connection and my automation fails. Is there some other way that I can access my secondary database under my primary account so that I can automate reports?


The Toad connection definitions are stored in a connections.xml file under each profile. So if each profile has the same connections.xml file this should work. There is an Import Connections action on the connection manager tool bar. The connections.xml file is located below.

C:\Users%ProfileName%\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.3


Thanks Debbie,

I was able to import the connection into my primary user. Where I’m getting hung up is that my imported connection is to a Microsoft SQL Server database and is using the Windows Authentication method. When I attempt to start the connection I get a login failed message because it’s trying to use my primary user.

Are there any other thoughts on how I can get this to work?


The only way you can use OS Authentication with any connection is to run the script as that user.


Talk to your IT people and see if you can get a service account login to both databases that also has permissions to schedule a task using Windows Scheduler. Then when your .tas file is complete you have to schedule it with the service account. If this last step is done on a server, even better as it will run whether you are logged in or not.