Ctrl-T not working


I’m currently on Toad

While building a simple test script I encountered another occurrence of the Ctrl-T not working issue.
Here’s the script:

select *
from corow_log
where cono = 46225420
and rowpos = 15;

select *
from master_order_log
where transaction_id = ‘12.41.3543641’;

insert into iib_krg.master_order_log(timestamp
, transaction_id
, change_type
, logical_change_type
, status
, schema_name
, table_name
, key1
, key2
, key3
, key4
, start_date_old
, start_date_new
, end_date_old
, end_date_new
select timestamp
, transaction_id
, change_type
, ‘X’ – will be set correctly when status changes from 0 to 1 (locking)
, ‘0’ – status of this change
, trim(upper(‘EHDA’))
, trim(upper(‘COROW’))
, trim(to_char(cono, ‘00000009’))
, trim(to_char(rowpos, ‘000009’))
, trim(to_char(rowsubpos, ‘09’))
, trim(to_char(rowseq, ‘09’))
, null – start_date_old
, null – start_date_new
, null – end_date_old
, null – end_date_new
from corow_log
where cono = 46225420
and rowpos = 15
and transaction_id = ‘12.41.3543641’;



In final block, the called procedure’s name is incomplete, so I hit Ctrl-T to bring up a list of eligible names.
Nothing happens: no list, no error, no nothing.
So I complete the name manually, then type an opening parenthesis to bring up the prototype parameter list.
Again nothing happens: no parameter list, no error, no nothing.

So I hit F4 to double-check. Lo and behold: the nothing is wrong with my code; it’s just Toad failing to bring up
the usual coding assists :frowning:

This happens intermittenltly, mostly when I’m busy with large packages.
Since this time it’s just a simple script, I’ll leave my Toad session open for a few hours so if you want me to
try and provide additional diagnostic info, please do let me know asap.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

After reporting the issue, I opened another Toad instance and retried.

No problem. So it seems the issue is session-specific.