CTRL + TAB toggle windows within current connection only

Is there a TOAD option which will limit CTRL + TAB windows toggle on current connection only?

On my TOAD installation, when last window within current connection is reached, next CTRL + TAB is changing to window from next connection.

I'm using TOAD for Oracle 15.0.97.

No, but you can use SHIFT+CTRL+TAB to go backwards. It may be quicker than looping around all the unwanted connections.

Hi John and thank You for advice.

I know about CTRL + SHIFT + TAB shortcut and I'm using it.

In my case, usually I have only one connection with Schema browser and Editor opened and I'm used to press only CTRL+TAB to switch from one window to another. But on last projects I have multiple connections open and most of the times I just press CTRL + TAB by reflex expecting to get back to Schema browser... but it throws me to another connection.

Is it possible to add such a parameter in TOAD settings?

Ah, but if you have Toad display only the windows/panes for the current connection, then Ctl-Tab only cycles through that connection's Windows, until you focus on another connection. See snap below, and let us know if this helps.

Sorry, I also have this parameter set but it is not helping :frowning:

An example.
I have 2 connections and every connection has schema browser and editor opened.

As seen, ZORAN connection is current and Editor window is displayed.
First CTRL+TAB is switching from editor to schema browser within ZORAN connection and this is expected.

But next CTRL+TAB is changing connection to PME and displaying Schema browser: