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Customize window bar label


I would like to have the ability to replace the window bar labels like “Editor”, “Schema Browser” and “Describe Objects” with the database name and/or alias for the given connection. IMO the icons clearly show you the type of window but when you have 20-30 of them across the screen it is hard to tell for which connection each button is associated. If I could label each button with the associated DB that would be great and make it much easier when switching between instances.


Toad has an option that may help. Right click on the window bar and enable the option to show only those buttons for the active connection. It’s not exactly the same as what you’re asking for, but this way you’ll know that every button on the window bar is for a window tied to the active connection or for a connection-less window.



I find that works well for me, but there is also options/Toolbars/Toolbars/Show connect string on Windows Bar. I think that might be what he’s looking for, but that eats a lot of button bar real estate pretty quickly.