Two enhancements request

I work with 6-10 different database connections pretty much all the time and within each connection for a describe window I will have 6-10 different objects I am viewing. So there are 2 different features I would like you to consider:

1. for the buttons I realize you have the color option and the connection bar ordering which I really love and in fact I believe I was partially responsible for that enhancement. But what I would also like to see is the ability to replace the button title like "Editor", "Schema Browser" and "Describe Objects" with the database name and/or alias for the given connection. IMO the icons clearly show you the type of window but when you have 20-30 of them across the screen it is hard to tell for which connection each button is associated. If I could label each button with the associated DB that would be great and make it much easier when switching between instances.

2. For describe windows I would like to be able to remove the schema name from the tab title. I thought there was an option already to not display the schema name but I must be thinking of something else. Anyway I am always working within the same schema for a given connection so having the schema name on every tab is redundant and just clutters things up. That and/or if you could have a multi-line tab bar like you do in schema browser that would also be nice.

Thank you!!!

Hey Milton,

I’ll look at these things, but please do not combine unrelated ideas into a single entry on idea pond. It makes the title ineffective and voting meaningless.


For #1 -

Options -> Toolbars/Menus -> Toolbars. RHS: Uncheck “Show window titles on window bar”. Check “Show Connect Strings on Window Bar”. That will get rid of window name but leave connect string.

If you want to see aliases instead, go to Options -> Windows. RHS: check “use alias instead of database”

#2 is done for first 13.2 beta.