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Dark themes in Data Point?

I have to reinstall Data Point on a new PC, and I'm wondering - are there still no dark themes for the editor? I found a post here from 05/09/2014 saying that this would be resolved in "a future release" - is this still on the roadmap? Having to go in and manually set the color for each element, for each environment, is amazingly tedious and unnecessary. As users have been requesting this for nearly a decade, I'm surprised that such low-hanging fruit hasn't been resolved yet.

I don't pretend to speak for our Product Manager, but I can see that support of a dark theme is definitely being considered in our roadmap. Truth be told, there are many "low-hanging fruit" requests that Quest must consider from its (literally) hundreds of thousands of TDP users... doing our best to prioritize these!

Of course - I do understand. It is a little frustrating to see the same "we're working on it" reply many times over a period of many years.

In the meantime - is there any way for me to replicate the setting on my old laptop on my new one? Is there a file / set of files that I could copy from one install to the other?

Sure thing... Help-> About will display a links to the product's Application Data Directory. Back up or save that directory, and then migrate some or all of that directory to the new install's Application Data Directory. I just this week used this method to recover some old named SQL Recall entries that I accidentally deleted. There's also a bit more guidance on this topic in the Installation Guide off the Support site.

Persistence pays off.... in conversing with the Product Manager, looking to support dark themed UI in TDP toward the end of the year... however, as any software vendor will tell you, any targeted time frames for releases are tentative and subject to change.

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Got it - thanks! Now I just need MFA for Azure, and I'll be good to to. :wink: