Data Compare tool in TOR 13.1 is less versatile than in TOR 9.6

Using TOR 9.6 for over 15 years, I found many different tools there that were very helpful in my day to day work.
Now with TOR 13.1, I can't seem to find some of the capabilities and not sure how to get that functionality.
The feature i'm looking for now, is while using Compare Data, to get from the wizard the sql statement that corresponds to the compare I'm trying to do.
In our organization, there are certain Oracle databases that I can't connect to via Toad (security issues), and I need to run queries via sql developer. Toad creating the sql statements for me was very helpful.
Please advise.

Some users found the old Data Compare window to lack a workflow and hard to figure out at first, so we streamlined some things in 13.1. The new window is more wizardy, runs better/faster SQL in some cases, and actually makes it a lot easier to sync data in your tables. We did remove a few buttons and things to make the window easier to use. If you want to get these buttons back, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Main Menu -> View -> Toad Options.
  2. Along the left side, click "General", then "Open Folder" on the right. A Windows Explorer window will open.
  3. Important - Close Toad!
  4. In the explorer window, double-click on the 'User Files' folder.
  5. Find the Toad.ini file in that folder and edit it with notepad.
  6. In Toad.ini, find this line: [DataCompare] and put this on a line by itself immediately after it: AdvancedMode=1
  7. Save and close notepad
  8. Run Toad again.

This should cause the "Show SQL" buttons to appear in the data compare window as shown here

Note: Starting with version 13.2, you can activate Advanced Mode in Data Compare by checking this box in the Data Compare window:

Thank you John. It works great. :+1:

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