Data Compare

When I try to do Data Compare in the Data Compare Wizard between two tables which both have the primary key column defined as CHAR(16) FOR BIT DATA. The Wizard shows this as BLOB and that the key is invalid. This must in my opinion be a bug, or what?

I must use these 2 columns when I do my compare, since they are the primary key. Using any other volumn(s) will not give med what I want.

I use Toad for DB2 4.7.1 with Windows 7 on the client and Windows 2008 R2 on the server with database on DB2 LUW version 9.7 fixpack 4.

(I have tried several times to register this as a case with Quest Support, but gets an error every time. Seems like Quest Support doesn’t want any more cases :-))

Odd Bjørn Andersen,
EDB ErgoGroup AS

It seems to be a bug.
I’ve created CR86456 to track this issue.
I suppose, that you will be able to see the fix in one of the nearest betas.

Thanks for your feedback,