Data Grid scrolling issue in versions 15.x and 16.x

We have a strange problem since moving to 15.x and higher with the 64 bit application via RDP.

When having collapsed all groups in the group panel of the Data Grid, scrolling over the groups with the mouse wheel causes the random expansion of groups. This is not related to the RDP as 14.x was working fine via RDP.

We are puzzled what the reason could be. Is this an issue somebody else has experienced ?

Welcome to the Toad for Oracle forum, BTW.

I can reproduce an experience similar to what you describe, and I'm not even accessing Toad via RDP... looks to be happening from Toad versions starting at 16.1 (at least).

Sending a short vid to the Quest Toad Dev team. Thanks for calling this out.

I can reproduce the expansion. Looks like it started in 15.0.

Thanks for reporting it. It will be fixed in Monday's beta.

It seems to only happen when scrolling by mouse wheel. up/down arrow keys do not cause the problem. It was caused by a change we made to work around the grid's built-in throttling of fast mouse wheel scrolling. I'll just revert to the old method of scrolling if the grid is grouped.

VERY much appreciated. We use this functionality all the time and it really causes head aches. :slight_smile: