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Scrolling with mouse wheel behaves strange in TOAD

Hi folks,

in TOAD 15.0 I realized that in data grids scrolling per mouse wheel behaves quite different from TOAD 14.x or older.

In the older versions, the grid scrolled down the amount of lines configured in the OS when scrolling the wheel down. For me, that was the right way this feature should behave.

Now in TOAD 15, the data grid scrolls up instead of down when scrolling the wheel down, which is the wrong riection. Also, it only scrolls one line instead of the configured number of lines from the OS.

I didn't find any way to configure this in the TOAD options. Is this new behaviour a bug or a feature?

Best regards

Hi Rainer,

There was a change there for high-speed mice, but for me, it still scrolls exactly as before, following the windows settings below (or similarly from control panel), and scrolling down when you wheel down, scrolling up when you wheel up.

The change we made was due to some lagging when you scrolled very fast.

What can you tell me about your mouse or settings so that maybe I can reproduce it?


Hi John,

my mouse is a no-name standrad mouse with two buttons and a wheel. My settings are scrolling by one page, not by an amount of lines. The rest is the same as yours.

Best regards and a nice weekend,