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Data Model Merge Clarification



I am trying merge 2 data model using model merge option from TDM Model menu – Merge Models – Run and picked the saved model to merge by checking model file in “Model to Merge” window, however I am getting an error stating “Valid source model has not been selected”.

Please note I have 2 data models:
Model 1 - It has all my data models and its in database MySQL 5.5. [ Initially I picked the database as 5.5 instead 5.0 ]
Model 2 - Reverse engineered from existing database and it says MySQL 5.0

I am merging model 2 to model 1 and getting this error message. Can’t we merge data models from MySQL 5.0 to MySQL 5.5 ? or is there any alternate option to merge this 2 model ? Please advise.

Thanks !!



I used sync Convert wizard to convert my base model MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.0 and then did model merge. It worked now. Request you to mark this post as resolved status or delete this post.

Thanks !!