DATA tab behavior in ToadEdge v2.7 on MAC os

When I enter a filter clause in the "Where:" box on a data tab and hit enter, focus is immediately sent to the columns tab. When I click on the data tab my filtered results are displayed.

This is a major pain in the ass.

Can someone from Quest Support take a look at this?

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Thank you. This is a real productivity issue. I spend a lot of time each day using the DATA tab.

The team has identified the issue as a defect and for your reference it was logged as Defect ID TE-15195. They will try and include the fix in the upcoming 2.8 release depending on the effort estimates otherwise, it will be included in the following release.

Thanks for reporting it!

When is 2.8 anticipated to release?

Our 2.8 release is targeted for first week of September.