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Query Tab has Disappeared

My query tab has disappeared and I cannot find what I need to get it back. The diagran and results tabs are there. Any thoughts?


This happened to me once, quest support advised me to do the following…

Close Toad

Go to C:\Documents andSettings<username>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for DataAnalysts 2.6\Layouts Rename QueryBuilder.xml to QueryBuilder.bak Relaunch Toadand restest issue.

The path might be different based on the version you are running but the .xml file will still be there.

Go to the Database | Query Builder options. Near the bottom there is a 'Restore default layout' option. That should get you back to square one:)



That worked. Thanks!

The Problem is even worse in my case. None of the Tab is visible. Any Idea what can be the issue?

I can’t explain why this happens but I know that is does everyone in awhile. It seems to happen less in our latest release TDP 3.8. So i suggest you upgrade. I also would recommend to not migrate your settings but just import your connections.

If you don’t want to upgrade and the two work arounds didn’t work for you, use the link from the about box to the AppDataDir. Click through and leave windows explorer open. Close TDP. Rename that AppDataDir and then restart TDP. You are basically getting rid of all of your layout files. This will reinitialize the tabs.