Toad Edge 2.6.0 is now available!

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version for Windows and Mac: Toad Edge 2.6.0.

For all existing customers, Toad Edge 2.6.0 contains new fixes and enhancements.

Notable additions and changes:

• Support of Vacuum a table/view in PostgreSQL/EDB
• Update to the latest EDB driver
• Execute large scripts without opening them in Toad Edge
• Improved application performance by taking care of "no more handles" issue
• Introducing batching mechanism to optimize the import of large data sets from CSV files
• Introducing the Auto Update feature in Toad Edge Subscription edition

Release notes: 4

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Toad Edge 2.6 Change Log

Bug Fixes
• Honoring perpetual license expiry date now
• Export to excel will now handle special numbers 'Infinity', '-Infinity', and 'NaN'
• Fixed CSV import fail with 'Infinity' and '-Infinity' for float equivalent data type
• Fixed column mismatch error in import wizard even when columns are correct
• Shows successful prompt when truncating data
• Finish button will now be disabled in Data Export wizard if all data types are excluded
• Running query by selecting the whole statement will now show correctly number of rows updated instead of statement processed
• Data export options removed from export-list
• Fixed falling of CLI snapshot on MacOS when databases are in uppercase characters
• Fixed default database is not defined, in spite of having default database
• Fixed issue of formatting script in Editor when script is large
• Drag and drop disabled for schema compare window
• Fixed Synonym creation with uppercase schema name

• Unsupported PosrgreSQL/EDB will now consider Pg14 as default DB
• Update default EDB driver to
• Introduced a confirmation pop-up before restart
• Improved application performance by taking care of "no more handles" issue
• Introducing batching in CSV import
• Update embedded JDK to 11.0.16
• Introducing auto update in Toad Edge
• Added option to run large scripts without opening them in worksheet
• Added notarization in Toad Edge MAC variant. builds
• Toad Edge can now Vacuum a table/view for PostgreSQL/EDB