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I would really like to have some support for Data Vault modelling.

For the beggining would be enough to have some attribute at table and column level where i can say this is a Hub / Satellite / Link table and then visualize the model as a hub and spoke model.

When visualizing you could choose different level of details (just hubs, hubs + links , all). Display each entity type with different color and shape.

At the moment i do this manually, but is quite time comsuming.

Are there any plans to natively support Data Vault modeling ?

Thanks you,

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thank you for your request. Currently we do not plan to add support for Data Vault modeling, but I have one suggestion for you.

Create three categories, Hub, Satellite and Link Table. Define different color for each of the category. Then assign entities to particular categories.

Article that you might find useful:

There also is a simple macro that allows you to to assign entities to categories quickly: