Disconnecting from Oracle server

Often when I am disconnecting from the oracle server, I am presented with some puzzling dialogs. First I am asked if I want to cancel queries that are currently running, which is strange because from my point of view, no queries are running. If I answer yes, then I get a dialog about automatically reconnecting. If I answer “No”, then the dialog goes away and nothing else happens. I only have a screenshot of the first dialog. When I see the second one again, I’ll post it if anyone thinks it is necessary.

So, is this expected behavior? Why does Toad think there is a query running even when there is not. It may have been several minutes since the last query I ran had completed (for instance, something as simple as select sysdate from dual). And why would it try to reconnect when I manually attempted to disconnect it?

I am not using ODBC or direct connect.


There is definately an issue here. It is asking about canceled queries becuase somehere there is a paused query. Usually this is because you may have a data tab in the object viewer open. When you look at the data we pause the query at the first 1000 rows. So the query is open.

We did look into this in our last release and made some changes. What version are you using? I would like to make sure we handle all of this.