DATATYPE Timestame

I have toad and Oracle client 9.1 and 11. When I try to display or execute sql select on table with a timestamp data type, Toad dies with an error to restart. I look at the datatype options screen and it does not have a timestamp type. If, in the select, I use a to_char function to display the timestamp field, it does this fine.

This toad has been upgraded since 7. Is there an ini file that needs updated to make this work?

The 9.1 oracle client is probably too old. Toad 11.6 should handle it fine. There shouldn’t be any settings that you need to configure. That page you found in options does not apply to this - it’s for the create table dialog.

I am using a 9.2 client and installed the 11 client. Pointing Toad to the 11 client does nothing either. Still have the problem.

The only thing I can think of to add is that once you’ve made a connection in Toad, don’t change clients. Toad will allow it once you’ve closed all connections, but there have been cases where the Oracle client won’t unload DLLs cleanly and they hang around in memory. So if you need to change Oracle clients, close down Toad completely and when you restart Toad, make the first connection with the desired Oracle client.

That is what I am doing. I just tried it again and it works. Must have been what you said, in that something was still in memory or it was because I put in the ORACLE_HOME environment variable. Thanks