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DB2 Client Error While Trying to Install Toad for Data Analysts

I am unable to install Toad for Data Analysts version because of a DB2 client error. I’m not sure what installing Toad has to do with a DB2 client, but the error message reads as follows:

“We suspect that your default DB2 client is version 7 or older. Since Toad bundles a version 9 client and IBM does not support a direct upgrade path from v7 to v9, please upgrade your client to version 8 then run this installer again.”

I would greatly appreciate any help sorting this out. Thx. Phillip

Hi Phillip,

TDA is bundled with a copy of the IBM DB2 Data Client, and is used to connect to DB2 databases. The version that is bundled with TDA 2.7 is DB2 9.7.2. Versions of the IBM data client older than version 7 aren’t able to be installed side-by-side, and there is no direct upgrade path.

You can check which version of the IBM DB2 data client you have installed by checking the registry. It’s typically under:


If you have Version 7 or lower, you’ll need to upgrade your DB2 client. You can find the downloads here:

Thanks for answering my question Mike. It seems IBM requires you be a customer of theirs before allowing the download. Time to check with my network. :wink: