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How to upgrade SQLLIB

Hi there

We just upgraded our Com-Server to DB2 for zOS and therefor the existing SQLLIB is not working anymore.
How to upgrade this component to the newest version? I checked the toad.exe.config and found the path to the TOAD-internal SQLLIB, but there is no way to change the path because of the publicToken.

Any suggestions for my problem?

Thanks in advance!

Greets Guenther


There’s not a way to upgrade the DB2 client side software for TDA. There are several version based dependencies making it difficult to just upgrade the DB2 client libs. However, even though you upgraded your com server you should still be able to connect. What type(s) of errors are you receiving?


Hi Alan

I receive this error:

ERROR [58010] [IBM] SQL30021N Execution failed because of a Distributed Protocol Error that will affect the successful execution of subsequent commands and SQL statements: Manager “0x1440” at Level “9” not supported. SQLSTATE=58010

The sysadmin-guy told me, that there’s a bug in the new software of the connection server for DB2. This server doesn’t accept connections with a driver older than 9.7.1…

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advane.



Which version of TDA are you using? Beginning with 2.7, we are using a 9.7.2 client. With TDA open, you can confirm which DB2 client version is loaded by clicking the Tools | DB2 Command Window… menu item. It will display the client version in the command window. The easiest way to resolve the issue would be to upgrade TDA or if you are already on the 9.7.2 client, we’ll need to do more in-depth debugging.