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db2 zos connections are not currently licensed Error



I am a newbie to this group, and am hoping to find some help for my issue.

I just installed Freeware version of Toad for DB2 freeware 4.0.921, the installation happened smoothly. But while trying to establish a connection, I am getting the “db2 zos connections are not currently licensed” which I really don’t understand why.

I really appreciate if someone can let me know of a workaround.



1)This is not the right group, try here:

2)It’s probably true that the freeware only supports LUW connectivity and that you have to pay for Z/OZ mainframe connections…ask the group in #1 to make sure though

You can always download a trial from to get full functionality for 30 days while you evaluate the tool for purchase.


Wrong group – this is the toad for oracle discussion group …

But here’s what I think is wrong – the freeware is meant only for
DB2 UDB – not for the mainframe version – you need to purchase for
that kind of connectivity J