How to run querys in multiple session

If I run a long running transaction in one session, then it is blocking all the session which i have opened , can’t do anything until it ends. Is there any way to execute queries on multiple session.

No, we’re limited to one query at a time per session.

But if you go to Options -> Oracle -> Transactions and check “Execute queries in threads”, then Toad will create multiple background sessions as needed so you can have more than one query running at a time.

Checked the option you mentioned , but still i can’t run queries from other session. If run one query, the execution popup comes , it close after completing the query only. So i cant switch between sessions and run another query.

What version of Toad do you have? You may need to stop and restart Toad after changing that.

There should be no popup dialog while a query is running if you have that checked.

If you are running queries in the Editor, use F9 to run them. One reason for your popup dialog could be that you are using F5 instead (F5 runs as script, and is slower)

Thanks it is working now. I am using 12.5 version

One more thing to consider that might help in addition to Mr. Dorlon's suggestion.

Don't forget about the Toad Script Runner, a small-footprint executable that comes with Toad (snap below).
Running your scripts/queries within Script Runner (especially if they run long) won't lock up Toad panels,
so you can continue your other work in Toad. Cheers!

This seemed helpful. But the problem is we don't get the option to cancel the query, in case needed.

This is helpful in case you have only one query in one window. If there are multiple queries in one window, it executes all the queries.

Yes you can. There is a cancel button on the toolbar.