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DDL Script Generation Workspace dropdown


The Workspace drop down in the DDL Script Generation dialog (Select List tab) is always grayed out in my Toad Data Modeler. I can sometimes get it to become enabled by checking and unchecking options, but I’d like to know why by default it is disabled and how to consistently get it to become enabled?




Try opening one of the workspaces in the modeler before you try to generate the DDL script. This seems to work for me.


Whenever I open Toad Data Modeler, it opens all my workspaces by default. Your suggestion does fix the problem if I close the tab of one and reopen it. Sounds like a bug to me…

Thanks for the reply


It could be. Someone from the development team will look into that. Thanks!


Hi guys,

we know about this problem, but thanks for your notification. This issue (CR 109324) was already fixed and will be present in the next release.