Modeling changes for business people an develop/production

I have two wokspace: “All items” and “Develop / Production”.
Within “All items” workspace I will model for the future and these designs will be validated or discarded later by business people.
In the “Develop / Production” workspace I am including the features I want to release

To generate the initial DDL of my wokspace “Develop / Production”, I execute the option Model / Generate DDL script / Run and selecting in the tab “Select List” the production workspace and it works well.

If I have made changes in my wokspace “Develop / Production” and I want to execute a change script (I do not want the complete ddl, becouse I am already in Production.) Then I execute the option Model / Generate change script and uoops, an option for select the workspace not exist.

Should not exist? Do I do something wrong? How do you work in parallel with the business people and the changes in Production?

Thanks for all and sorry for my english.


I’m afraid but the change scrip wizard doesn’t contain option to generate by selected workspace. The reason’s the workspace is only logical separation for some type of objects (only entities, views and materialized views can be there) and the rest of objects are generated independently of this options and it should causes problems.

For you purpose will be better to split the model to two (production and bussines) independent units and generate a change script between the versions of the develop/production models. You can also use gallery to store or shared objects of business and productions models.



Thank you David.