Default file type when saving blobs

It's just a small thing, but probably also very easy to adjust :wink:
If you want to save a BLOB, then the file type is set to *.txt. This is probably rather rarely correct for BLOBs. I would find *.* better.

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I think you are right. Thanks.

It looks like your column name is PDF. That gave me an idea. I'm going to look for some common file extensions like PDF, BMP, JPG, etc, in the column name. If so, I can default the save dialog to the matching extension. Otherwise, I'll use *.*

I like the idea. Even if the "PDF" column is only in a test table.
But there are the "real" columns REPORT_DATA, REPORT_PDF and REPORT_XLS in my schema. So if you check if certain extensions are included in the column name, it should work. :wink: