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Default for connection type for Toad 14 / 15 Beta

When choosing to make a direct database connection in the Database Login screen - it appears this stuck and I can't find a way to set it back to TNS.


In previous versions I remember that once I connect to a TNS entry successfully, the next time I try to connect to a database, the last chosen connection type, in this case TNS should be shown.
It looks like now it is stuck on Direct, even if I successfully clock the TNS tab and connect to a TNS type of connection.

Unrelated topic but I tried to search the Toad Options in version 14 and 15 beta and search doesn't return anything - even if I type "a" or "editor" - clicking search has no effect.

Anyone have any ideas about these two issues?

when the login window comes up, the TNS/Direct/LDAP tab will go to whatever connection type the selected connection in the grid used last time it logged in.

Try resizing the options window after you hit search. maybe the results is just not showing because the window size is too small (I could force that condition here)

Hi John. Unfortunately this isn't happening. If I click TNS Tab and log on to a TNS entry, then exit connection and exit Toad, the next time I go in - the Direct tab is selected. I tested this in 14 and 15 beta.

Is the last connection selected in the grid?

If so, maybe something data has gone wrong in that connection. Try deleting it and adding it again.

If it is not selected, select it. Does the database/tns/ldap tab change?

Yes - if I just click once on each of the TNS connections - the tab does switch to TNS.

I see what's happening. The login window remembers the last selection in the grid.

So if you double-click in the grid to make connection, then the next time the login window opens, it'll come back to that connection (and the TNS/Direct/LDAP tab set accordingly)

But if you type a new connection into the TNS/Direct/LDAP tab, then the login window does not remember that as the "last" connection. It continues to remember what was last selected in the grid (and TNS/Direct/LDAP tab switches accordingly next time the login window opens).

I should be able to fix this. Thanks.