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Delay of about 3-4 seconds to appear popup 'find text' in toad

Good morning,

I have Toad for Oracle Xpert v. running in Window 10 - 64 bits.

When I’am coding in the editor, inside Toad, and I key ‘Ctrl+F’, the ‘find text’ popup has a delay of about 3 or 4 seconds to appear. This difficult enormously my coding tasks.

Somebody can help me please? Many thanks

I think this is really old and unsupported Toad version.

However, this behavior is the same on empty editor and from the first day or not?

Maybe, just maybe disable option "find text under cursor" and try again.


Regardless, I do not have that version, I cannot remember that Toad was having problems like you describe.

What are your system (workstation) resources?