Focus delay when switching to Toad from other applications

Since installing 16.0.64, whenever I click into another application and then back to Toad, it takes 4-5 seconds before the application gets focus. It was fine prior to this version but the delay is consistent in this one.


Are you using the windows taskbar, or Alt tab, or something else?

Is Toad Maximized? does it matter?

which window is active in Toad?

Hi John,

You aren't going to believe me now but the issue has been plaguing me all day regardless of method of window switching, screen size or active window (usually Editor or describe window) and now, since disappearing to a meeting for an hour, it doesn't seem to be happening anymore. Nothing has rebooted, nothing obviously changed but it's suddenly back to normal. I would have been blaming the PC if it had been all applications but it was just Toad and just since the latest update so I can't explain it.

I will monitor and see if it does the same thing to me tomorrow.


Weird. ok, thanks for the update.

This same thing happens to me. I thought it might be because I'm working remotely. Like the OP said, it doesn't matter how I switch between windows, or whether Toad is maximized, etc. It happens every single time. I don't have delays in any other applications I use.

It's probably related to color schemes/dark mode. There is a lot more painting going on when that's enabled. I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks.