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Describe pop-up refuses to close


This relates to Beta of Toad for Oracle.

From within the source editor I requested a Describe pop-up on a table using F4.

The pop-up appeared all-right, but refused to close.
It does minimize, though. So it’s more of a nuisance than a problem.

Would be nice if fixed… :wink:

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Hi Abe,

For me, the describe windows close when I click the red ‘X’. It might not close right away if it’s in the middle of doing something that can’t be cancelled (such as loading of a script tab). Could that be it?



Well, if it’s busy for 10 seconds I’d be with you. After ca. 10 minutes I decided to restart Toad. That solved the problem.
I’m sorry to the extent that I have no clue how to recreate the issue.

Kind regards,

was there any error coming from the describe dialog before you tried to close it?


unfortunately, no. The pop-up held only a single table definition, consisting of 6 columns, 1 index and either 0 or 1 check constraints.

Nothing that one might expect to cause a lot of work in the background.

Kind regards,