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Row Count on Describe Window hangs Toad


On Toad I hit F4 to describe a table, then selected the Data tab and used the right mouse button to request a row count of the table.

Two issues arose:

  1. No answer cam forth, Toad seemed to hang.

  2. the Describe window remained persistently on top of all other windows and would not let itself be minimized, moved, or resized. A bit impractical, to say the least :wink:

I hope you’ll be able to fix this issue.

I jsut checked: Toad still utterly unresponsive :frowning:
So I tried to force Toad to quit using Windows Task Manager, which earns me a pop-up stating that Toad cannot be closed because it is waiting for a response from me.
Maybe Toad has issued a pop-up that is hidden underneath either the main Toad window or the Describe Window, but neither can be moved, resized, or minimized.
Makes it a bit hard to respond to the pop-up…

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

When you right-click to get a record count, that will make a popup dialog show that gives the record count. For me, that dialog always stayed on top of the describe dialog, but maybe for you it isn’t. I’ll investigate. For what it’s worth, I think if you hit the Enter key, that will close the hidden popup.

I’ve looked at this from every angle I can think of and still can’t reproduce it. I tried 32 bit, 64 bit, every mode of describe dialog, doing record count on describe dialog and in Toad’s main window (with a describe dialog on top of where the record count dialog should appear) and for me in every case, the record count dialog came out on top.

I added a “BringToFront” command when the form is displayed. Try it next beta and let me know what happens. If it’s still stuck in the background, the ESC key should make it go away now, even if you can’t see it.


Thanks for the time and effort you’ve oput into this.

It’s happened to me once before, but that’s pretty long ago. At least before I started participating on the beta program. At that time, their was a pop-up (I do not recall for what function) that was hidden behind a window. Moving the window than revealed the pop-up.

If a comparable situation recurs, I’ll let you know. Until then, let’s assume it’s fixed.

Kind regards,